Ethics & Values

Ethics & Values

Texas Gears stands proudly as a leading engineering and re-engineering services company. We offer an impressive range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities to our clients in diverse industries and are committed to providing them with solutions of the utmost quality. Texas Gears (a Euro Gear Industries (EGI) Company) caters especially to our large client base in Texas in several different industries.


At Texas Gears, our commitment to quality service extends beyond our exceptional engineering services; it is deeply rooted in developing trusting and meaningful relationships with our valued clients. We wholeheartedly believe that trust is earned through open communication with our clients. It is crucial that our clients feel confident and comfortable with their vendors, which is precisely why we strongly emphasize honest and open communication between our clients and us. We strive to develop a cooperative environment with our clients where they feel confident and informed at every step of the project. Trust is earned through consistent and reliable excellence and a genuine dedication to our clients’ success, and Texas Gears continues to deliver on this principle in every aspect of our work.


Excellence serves as a cornerstone to our quality assurance at Texas Gears. In fact, it’s what allows us to continuously deliver leading-edge products and services to our clients. Texas Gears’ strong commitment to excellence allows us to surpass our clients’ expectations with each project undertaken. We routinely strive to achieve the highest quality standards and performance requirements in our products and services. Our dedication to excellence is what has set us apart from the rest, making Texas Gears your firm partner in all your engineering requirements.


We are no strangers to some of the industry’s most complex and challenging projects. For decades, we have built a reputation as a company that embraces complex problems, consistently delivering the quality solutions and products our clients have come to depend on.Our wide range of services and industries served gives Texas Gears the unique ability of being able to meet our clients’ diverse needs and requirements.From large, complex parts and geometries to intricate, fine gearing projects, we have the experience to handle our clients’ specific needs. With decades of proficiency in mechanical engineering, we enthusiastically welcome any challenges our clients bring to our doorstep.


Texas Gears is committed to building and maintaining an environment of exemplary customer service. For us, a project is more than the engineering work behind it; it is also about building a long-lasting relationship of collaboration and mutual prosperity between us and our clients. We make it our chief duty to address all our clients’ needs and requirements as well as aiming to instill confidence in our clients, assuring them that their project will be treated with the utmost diligence and dignity.
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