Gearbox Load Testing

Texas Gears and Engineering leads in designing, engineering, and testing its GEARBOX LOAD TESTER. These testers, using high-quality Euro GearĀ® components, assess rebuilt gearboxes under real-world conditions. Rigorous testing provides detailed Gearbox Health Check Reports, offering insights into equipment performance. We also create custom load testing apparatuses for Original Equipment Manufacturers, ensuring superior service.

Texas Gears and Engineering is at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the design, engineering, production, and testing of its revolutionary GEARBOX LOAD TESTER. Our load testers are meticulously crafted to assess our clients’ gearboxes post-rebuilding, utilizing top-tier Euro GearĀ® components renowned for their performance and reliability.

Tailored to accommodate gearboxes of all shapes and sizes, our custom equipment replicates real-world on-site conditions, facilitating precise simulations of various operational scenarios, including shocks, stop/starts, and reverse rotation. With a commitment to enhancing reliability and safety, Texas Gears and Engineering subjects each gearbox to rigorous testing under specified loads for extended durations, meticulously documenting operational metrics such as vibrations, temperatures, loads, horsepower, and RPM.

Our comprehensive Gearbox Health Check Reports provide clients with detailed insights into the performance and condition of their equipment. Furthermore,
we specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing bespoke gearbox load testing apparatuses for Original Equipment Manufacturers, ensuring the delivery of superior service to our clients. Texas Gears and Engineering invites clients to engage with us to discuss their unique needs and requirements, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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